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Since joining Get Bent Yoga, I have appreciated how the instructors assist me in the correct positioning of each pose, explain the benefits of each pose and provide excellent support to everyone in each class. I immediately noticed a difference in my posture, flexibility, physical strength and mental calmness. Thank you Get Bent Yoga. Hilma LaBelle
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Get Bent Yoga classes ~ 7 days a week

Unlimited yoga for $71.43 for 12 months

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Your daily yoga retreat

Get Bent provides FREE yoga mats & props for classes ~ also for sale in our retail store

Get Bent offers yoga classes 7 days a week including: Teen Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Chair Yoga and Advanced Yoga. If you are new to yoga, our friendly instructors encourage you to take that “first stretch” and we will support you all the way. Get Bent’s mainstream approach makes learning yoga fun and accessible to all ages and abilities. We are happy to answer questions and modify poses to suit your abilities. We invite you to visit Get Bent for a tour: directions

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What is unique about Get Bent Yoga?

Ideal for beginners & people with limited mobility

Get Bent teaches a unique style of yoga that focuses on the physical aspects and benefits of yoga. Further, Get Bent Yoga uses yoga props to help you develop proper alignment, balance, strength and deep flexibility.

What are Yoga Props?
Yoga props are items like blocks, straps, cushions and chairs to help you perform poses more easily and with proper alignment. Yoga props also help minimize the risks of injury and strain. By using yoga props, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while being fully supported.

Get Bent Yoga classes are very supportive and encouraging. Our teachers clearly explain each pose and provide you with personalized instructions and modify poses to suit your abilities. Each class is unique and focuses on different themes, poses and anatomy. Poses are held longer to help students gain a deeper understanding of each pose and explore its full benefits.

Detailed Instructions & Encouraging Support

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Unique to Get Bent, Chair Yoga classes are ideal for older adults and people with mobility issues. Chair Yoga classes are socially engaging while developing flexibility, strength and dexterity.

CHAIR YOGA Teacher Training

Get Bent offers Chair Yoga Teacher Training throughout BC. These courses are designed to teach staff at assisted care homes how to teach Chair Yoga “in-house” to their residents. For more info contact Get Bent at 250-462-1025.

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Get Bent's Advanced Yoga Course

The Get Bent Advanced Yoga course is an ongoing program designed to help you advance your personal yoga practice. Classes are tailored to your needs and provide detailed instruction about yoga, anatomy, alignment, injury prevention and recovery. Previous yoga experience is required. 2-5 years of yoga practice is recommended. For more details, please see our yoga schedule below.

Stretch your Abilities

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Get Bent Yoga Teacher Training

Course & Registration Info

For complete details about the Get Bent Teacher Training Course, please contact Get Bent at 250-462-1025 or

Learn to teach Get Bent’s unique style of Hatha yoga. Trainees learn detailed anatomy, asanas (poses), modifications, the psychology of teaching and much more.

Become a Get Bent Yoga Instructor or advance your yoga practice

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This intensive course takes 6 months to complete, and includes a 2 month teaching practicum.

*includes unlimited access to drop-in yoga classes and Get Bent's Advanced Yoga Course


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